TSPC Marketing Package

At TSPC, we offer a comprehensive property marketing package designed to maximise exposure for your property.

With our dominant local market presence, we strategically amplify your property's visibility both locally and nationally, generating an impressive average of more than 826,500 property page views per month.

With more than 131,300 monthly website visitors, your property gains unparalleled attention from serious local buyers.

Last year, properties exclusively marketed on TSPC received and accepted an offer in just 22 days on average! Plus, over 73% of them achieved their Home Report valuation or higher.

When you sell through TSPC, you collaborate with a TSPC member solicitor estate agent. With their professionalism, trustworthiness, and dedication to securing the best deals for clients, you're in capable hands throughout the selling process.

Our process in three steps:

1. Choose a trusted TSPC solicitor

Select from our 27 TSPC member solicitor firms across the region. They handle everything from Home Reports to marketing materials, ensuring your property sale is in caring and professional hands. Leave it all to them – from floor plans to marketing strategies. Without a TSPC member solicitor firm, you cannot gain access to our marketing package.

2. Maximise your property's exposure

Once your TSPC solicitor firm registers your property, it will get the exposure it deserves on the TSPC platform. Around 85% of TSPC buyers live within a 25-mile radius, increasing your chances of a successful sale. Last year, over 2,400 homes worth £432 million were sold through TSPC, and 73% of them achieved their Home Report valuation or higher! This is a testament to our commitment and exceptional service.

3. Secure the best deal

Your TSPC solicitor firm negotiates on your behalf, safeguarding your interests until an unconditional contract is finalised. They handle complexities like mortgage conditions or house sales, ensuring a smooth progression from attracting offers to securing the keys to your new home.

The average time to sell on TSPC in 2023 was 22 days
All TSPC properties are exclusive to tspc.co.uk
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