Below are some common queries about TSPC along with answers to help you navigate our platform and services effectively.


What is TSPC?

TSPC stands for Tayside Solicitors Property Centre. Since 1970, we have served as a leading marketing portal for home buyers and sellers in Tayside. Our platform is exclusively dedicated to properties marketed by our network of 27 solicitor estate agency firms.


Why is TSPC the place to look for property?

TSPC features exclusive property listings not found on any other portal. With the majority of properties for sale in the local area marketed on our platform, TSPC offers MORE choice for buyers. Don't miss out on your dream home by not checking tspc.co.uk!


Why is TSPC the place to market my property for sale?

With the highest local market share, TSPC attracts more buyers. Last year, we had on average 4,300 visitors browsing tspc.co.uk per day. That's a lot of eyes on your property! Our targeted approach reaches the right audience, as research indicates that most properties in Tayside are sold to buyers within a 25-mile radius.


How do I list my property on TSPC?

To list your property on TSPC, you must engage with one of our member solicitor estate agents. They will handle the listing process on your behalf. If you're not selling your home through one of our members, listing on TSPC is not possible.


What is My TSPC?

My TSPC is a personalised feature that allows you to save frequent property searches, create a watchlist for properties of interest, and subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Stay informed with the latest property market insights and news by signing up for My TSPC.


Do you offer legal advice for buyers and sellers?

Yes, we do! Visit our Property Information Centre in Dundee for monthly drop-in sessions where you can meet TSPC member solicitor estate agents and receive free legal advice tailored to your specific needs. Stay updated on session dates through our website and social channels.


Do you offer mortgage advice for buyers and sellers?

Absolutely! Join us at our Property Information Centre in Dundee for monthly drop-in sessions with local mortgage advisers offering free advice tailored to your needs. Keep an eye on our website and social channels for upcoming session details.


For further inquiries or assistance, feel free to contact us. We're here to help you make informed decisions in your property journey with TSPC.

Website Search Help

We have a variety of ways to search through our property listings, but please start with our Smart Search facility. It's built to do much more than you might think.

You can enter a variety of search terms into the search box - for instance:

By default, Smart Search results are shown with the highest priced at the top. However if you use the keyword 'latest' they'll be shown with the most recently coming first. Use the keyword 'lowest' and they'll be shown with least expensive first. For example:

You may find the Smart Search facility actually does do everything you need. And once you've entered a search, there's no need to type it in again - click the Save icon at the top of the search results and you can save it to your own TSPC page, or (on desktop) click the 'permanent link' icon in the right-hand column and save it to your bookmarks or favourites.

Street Search allows you to look for a specific address, and you might use Text Search to find properties with a 'paddock' or 'sea view'. The Tay Property Map allows you to view all active TSPC and PSPC properties on a map.

There are a variety of other ways to find property on the site. You can view our lists of new properties, prestigious property and recent updates, or even a full list of all our properties.


Over 17,600 registered users on our website
The average time to sell on TSPC in 2023 was 22 days

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