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20 May 2015

ONE of the many advantages of trusting to the Tayside Solicitors Property Centre to market your property is that you enjoy a high profile locally and nationally.

In addition to gaining access to the TSPC, their busy website and the ever popular free Property Guide, now sellers also are assured that their home will be featured by the SPC Scotland, a network of regional Solicitors Property Centres.

While research consistently shows that the majority of property sales are concluded by buyers in the same area, access to the innovative SPC Scotland set-up ensures the widest possible profile.

And, crucially, that might just lead to a sale, with the website already offering more than 11,000 homes for sale, with hundreds being added every week.

TSPC manager Lynne Hill said: “Any seller will want to see their property reaching all manner of potential purchasers, whether they are here in Tayside, further afield in Scotland or England, or even abroad.

“Solicitor Estate Agents, who make up the membership of the various SPCs, last year handled property sales worth over 5.53 BILLION, with 29,571 homes changing hands during that period.

“Their combined websites recorded over 47.5 million visits and that is impressive in anyones book.”

So in addition to enjoying the proven marketing prowess of the TSPC, there is the added lure of a Scottish shop window and at no added cost. It is an integral part of the unique package provided by TSPC law firms.

Lynne noted: “The market is very buoyant at the moment and these statistics underline the vital role solicitors play in the selling of property throughout the country.”

The only way to gain access to SPC Scotland is through your solicitor.

Once your lawyer is on board all TSPC properties are automatically inserted into the SPC website.

The SPC Scotland website makes it easy to find homes that are not on other portals and helps buyers from further afield to identify centres such as the TSPC.

The SPC Scotlands website can be found at so have a look for yourself.




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