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Sales Surge In Flats Sector

19 October 2015

FLATS across Dundee are in demand.

The latest statistics released by the Tayside Solicitors Property Centre reveal a 12% surge in sales over the past 12 months.

The price of the average flat now comes in at £96,314 a rise of 2% year on year and up 4.6% over the last quarter.

TSPC manager Lynne Hill said: “The flats market is very buoyant and traditionally this sector offers a reliable indication of the health of the overall market.

“We are witnessing demand for all manner of flats and in different areas of the city.

“Dundee offers a wide range of flatted properties, ranging from traditional tenements to modern apartments.

“The vibrant university and health sector continues to ensure a steady turnover of properties.”

The Whitehall Crescent Centre reports that the average price of a property in the region now comes in at £144,907.

Activity in the Tayside market has seen 2204 homes change hands over the first nine months of the year, up nearly 2% year on year.

Demand for villas over the last quarter has nudged the average price up by 3% while bungalows advanced by 4% to average over £204,000 mark.

“The Tayside market is in good shape and we have witnessed nearly 3000 properties coming onto the market from legal firms accessing the TSPC since the start of the year,” said Lynne.

“The bigger picture reveals that the total value of sales over the first nine months through the TSPC is nearly £320 million a rise of more than 2%.”

“The outlook is positive for the rest of the year.”




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